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FAQs Bec Sue Jewelry Shop

1. Can you custom make a bracelet for me? 

Yes just let me know what colors or beads you want and the design or I will show you different settings to see which one you like.

2. How soon can you ship my products?

The same day or the next day it will go out. 

3. can I return something if it doesn't fit?

Yes and i will make sure you have the right size.

4. Do you have other gemstones or colors?

yes just let me know what you want.

5. What shipping options do you have?

I can send USPS, FedEx, UPS, or what ever service you would like.

6. Can you make a different size for me?

Yes I can make any size you need just let me know.

7. Is custom jewelry more expensive than a ready made pieces of Jewelry? 

No Long as I have the beads and it is not requiring expensive beads that i have to purchase.

8. What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We will only deliver you a finished product that we are proud of. We work closely with you throughout the process and require your approval at every step so we are ll on the same page and you are 100% satisfied with your design. If for any reason you are displeased with your jewelry piece when you receive it, let us know and we will fix or remake it at no cost to you. 

FAQs Bec Sue Jewelry Shop

FAQs Bec Sue Jewelry Shop